about 11^3

I’m a recently engaged, under-employed, creative lady. I am interested in having a big wedding without all the extra costs usually associated. Therefore I am going to be diy-ing pretty much everything I can (minus the dress, I could just see that ending poorly)  I’m not into “etiquette.” This is our day and we are going to do it the way we please. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come! That being said, I am up for suggestions and if anyone would like to share any information, I am very open to that! The reason why I wanted to start this blog is because of all the inspiration I have gotten from other wedding planning blogs. And I want to document this so that I remember it, because everyone says this time flies and before you know it, it is the day before your wedding!
Also, I am classically trained as a graphic designer and will have some blog posts about that process too, but if you would like me to design any of your wedding stuff, I would be willing to do that at a very modest cost (remember, I am trying to keep things on the cheap as well!)
enjoy my blog and share with me yours!
p.s. eleven cubed stands for my 11.11.11 wedding!